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Standing Committies

Each year the Exchange Club of Helena Strives to successfully complete a number of charitable projects that falls within one of four main areas. These areas are Americanism, Community Service, Child Abuse Prevention, and Youth. In addition there are a number of Standing Committee’s to which we may be called to serve on.

The assignments of responsibility for each of these projects and standing committees are listed below.

Standing Committees

From the Weekly Bulletin to the fund raising efforts at Stampede or our annual Festival of Wines these committees are the gears driving our club successfully into the future.

Board will monitor these as a whole.


A weekly bulletin summarizing the activities of each meeting and announcing upcoming dates helps to keep members who are unable to attend a meeting up-to-date and should help in maintaining the general interest of the membership. The committee is responsible for preparing and distributing a weekly bulletin to all members, District Officers, The National Exchange Club headquarters and for maintaining an accurate mailing list.

Captains: Jackie MacDonald, Lesley-Gallagher-Tolon, Brittney Shirley, Vicki Thomas, Greg Snortland
Co-Captains: Heather Patzer, Kelly Wiley
Dates: On-going


This committee is responsible to plan and carry out our annual Christmas Party for all members, spouses, and guests. Duties include arranging for a location, social hour, dinner, music and programs including encouragement of member participation in our gift-giving projects for needy children.

Captains: Dan Mazurek, Matt Maze, Brittney Shirley, Sheridan Jones, Michelle Harvey, Betsy Rispens
Co-Captains: Linda Streets, Colette Holstine, Ali Martin, Nick Fish
Dates: Schedule in July


The goals of the committee are to educate Club members about conventions, encourage attendance and bid for future conventions.

Captains: John Steinhoff, Sheridan Jones
Dates: Update as needed


(Report due to the Fairgrounds Users 45 days prior to Stampede)

Our major fund raising activity is through the beer concessions during such events as Beer Fest, Spring Fest, Monster Truck Rally and Last Chance Stampede. The committee communicates and coordinates with the Fair Grounds, Stampede Chair and Beer Vendor(s). This committee also schedules crews for beer pours and organizes all aspects of these fund raising efforts. Responsibility includes purchase of licenses, permits, preparation of seed money, bank deposits, opening and closing beer booths, and financial and/or legal reporting to the club. Due to the nature and complexity of our contracts and the large amount of money that is generated, this committee is established to handle all contract negotiations. The committee will keep the board and the membership informed, in general terms, of the progress on contract negotiations. The negotiations occur before contracts are agreed upon or signed.

Captains: Dan Mazurek, Matt Maze, Adam Lawson, John Steinhoff, Greg Snortland, Sheridan Jones
Co-Captains: Mark Johnston, Abby St. Lawrence, John Harrington
Dates: June/July (Fair)


This is the fundraiser for the Coats For kids program.

Captains: Dan Mazurek, Sheridan Jones, Mike Spaulding, Tanner Woodard, Vicki Thomas, Nick Fish, Heather Patzer, Michelle Smetana, Kelly Wiley, Brittney Shirley, Michelle Harvey, Nick Fish
Co-Captains: Pat Call, Linda Streets, Jeff Springer, Ali Martin, John Harrington, Colette Holstine
Dates: Start meetings in June. Event in October/November


A sound financial status is essential to the smooth functioning of an Exchange Club as is to the business and industry. Exchange Clubs must practice good money management. Nothing will cause members to lose interest in a club faster that assessment, insufficient funds to carry out projects or a large financial deficit. The Finance Committee’s, establishes fiscal policy and supervises the financial management of the club.

Captains: Adam Lawson. John Steinhoff
Dates: As needed


The committee’s responsibilities include setting up the golf tournament and arranging for awards and organizing a meal to follow. In addition, family picnics of different types should be explored as adjuncts to the perennially successful golf tournament.

Captains: Dan Mazurek, Sheridan Jones
Co-Captains: Mike Wong, Dan Prebil, John Harrington
Dates: July, August


The smooth functioning of the Exchange Club often depends upon the care and attention that the House Committee devotes to its duties. The responsibility of the committee is to arrange regular club meetings, including time, place, meals and cost. The committee sees that banners and flags are properly displayed at all meetings and solicits comments from members regarding service, food and accommodations, In addition, the House Committee is responsible for appointing individuals to lead the Prayer and pledge at our weekly meetings.

Captains: John Steinhoff
Dates: As needed


Each new member is inducted into the Helena Exchange Club in the dignified and impressive ceremony at a regular meeting. During this ceremony, each inductee is given a New Member Kit that includes the Covenant of Service Certificate, a lapel pin and a composite of Exchange publications for the new member. In addition, new members attend a short instructional meeting on the meaning and purpose of the Exchange. The committee's responsibility is to plan and carry out induction ceremonies as scheduled by the club president.

Captains: Greg Snortland, John Steinhoff
Co-Captains: Marshall Price, Mike Wong, PJ McHugh, John Harrington, Betsy Rispens
Dates: As needed


The primary challenge facing our Club is membership retention and growth. To retain and strengthen our reputation as the area's greatest supporter of community youth and patriotic programs, we must pursue an energetic and continuous program of quaintly membership building. It is through high quality new members that renewed vitality and ideas are infused into our organization, whether a member attends meetings regularly depends on the importance of the club to him or her. Since a member is interested when he or she joins, the solution to attendance problems often lies in keeping him or her sold on the work of the club. To help every Exchange derive maximum benefit from membership in the club, the committee must promote increased attendance and eliminate causes of non-attendance.

Captains: Tanner Woodward, John Steinhoff, Sheridan Jones, Ali Martin, Tod Fitterer
Dates: October or November and February or March


The program committee is responsible for arranging interesting, informative, entertaining and diversified weekly programs. The committee has one of the most important assignments in an Exchange Club since the success of other club elements-attendance, interest & growth, often depends on how effectively the Program Committee carries out its duties. The chairman’s normal practice consists of assigning a different committee member the responsibility for arranging each week’s programs. From time to time, the committee as a whole should design programs for special events.

Captains: John Steinhoff, Brittney Shirley, Sheridan Jones, Mike Spaulding
Co-Captains: All Members
Dates: Planned in August and as needed


Social media and local publicity including the club's web site are an important function to marketing the club to the community. This committee is reponsible for updating the club web-site, facebook page and other social media and internet-enabled outlets.

Captains: Greg Snortland, Matt Maze, Sheridan Jones, Michelle Smetana
Dates: As needed