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Each year the Exchange Club recognizes a public servant for the exemplary dedication to the City of Helena and surrounding area. This recipient is serving as a firefighter, police officer or other service protecting our great community.

2017 Fire Fighter of the Year

Nov 2, 2017

Today we met at the Fire Station for the Firefighter of the Year. Robbie Bennett was the recipient of the award. The fire chief spoke Rob’s outstanding performance and involvement in the community. Soft spoken Rob thanked everyone for the award. The Club donated $500 to the fire dept. and $500 to the charity of Rob’s choice. See more about Robbie at Helena IR Robbie Bennett Firefighter of the Year 2017

2017 Peace Officer of the year!

May 11, 2017


Deputy Don McCarthy was our the recipient of the Peace Officer of the Year. Deputy McCarthy’s family members as well as members of the L&C County Sheriff’s Dept. were present. Matt Maze presented Deputy McCarthy with a check for $500 for the dept. and a check for $500 to the charity of his choice. The Club also presented 2 deputies with vests. The Board approved purchasing safety vests.

2016 Fire Fighter of the Year!

October 20, 2016


The Fire Fighter of the Year was Thursday October 20, 2016 David Maslowski. Fire Chief Mark Emert and Assistant Fire Chief Ken Wood both spoke about David's dedication to the department and his involvement in the community. The Exchange Club of Helena presented Maslowski a trophy for his achievements. As part of the club's acknowledgement, Maslowski also received a $500 check to donate to the charity of his choice. Another $500 check was presented to the HFD. See more about Dave at KTVH Dave Maslowski Firefighter of the Year 2016 and at the Helena IR

2015 Fire Fighter of the Year!

October 15, 2015


The Fire Fighter of the Year was Thursday October 15, 2015 at Noon at the Fire Station. John Harrington introduced the Assistant Fire Chief, Ken Wood who in turn presented Kevin Kelly as the Fire Fighter of the Year. Asst. Chief Wood noted that Kevin has been with the fire dept. for 29 years, he thanked him for what he has done for the dept. He brings leadership and dedication to the team. Kevin Kelly got up and said a few words. He noted that it has been a good career and works with a great team. John Harrington presented Kevin Kelly with 2 checks each in the amount of $500, one for the fire dept. and the other for the charity of Kevin’s choice. There was some Q&A for the dept. Ken Wood noted that they received a grant to purchase new self-contained breathing apparatus’ or (SCBA), they will be deploying these soon. There was additional conversation in regards to the call volume, staffing and cost of new fire trucks. Ken Wood also noted the work they do is a joint effort with St. Pete’s and the rural fire depts.

2015 Peace Officer of the Year!

September 24, 2015

2015 Peace Officer of the Year

Brandon Uhl, Montana Highway Patrol, was introduced by Colonel Tom Butler as the Peace Officer of the Year. He was nominated as an ideal trooper, for his community service and the MHP’s go to guy for taking on special assignments. Trooper Uhl had his wife, kids and in-laws with him for the presentation. Trooper Jay Nelson was also present. The Club gave Trooper Uhl a check for $500 to be used at MHP and a check for $500 for the charity of his choice. He chose the recipient as the Montana Hope Project.

2014 Firefighter of the Year!

October 16, 2014


John Harrington introduced Chief Sean Logan and asked him to speak about this year’s recipient for the Fire Fighter of the Year. Chief Logan started with welcoming everyone to the station he then told the group what the fire dept. does for the community, the challenges the dept. faces, i.e. budget etc. Chief Logan then introduced Doug Fischer, this year’s recipient for the Fire Fighter of the Year award. Doug started his career as an intern with the Anaconda Fire Dept. while still in high school and has been with the Helena Fire Dept. since appx. 2006. John presented Doug with the award and a $500 check payable to the charity of his choice as well as a $500 check to the Helena Fire Dept. Doug got up and said a few words about his love for his job.

2014 Law Officer of the Year Award!

March 13, 2014


The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s department was our guest. We presented the Law Officer of the Year Award to Uriah Wood. He was quite surprised. Check out the article – Helena Air. It was also on KXLH and Beartooth NBC. The Club presented the Department with a $500 check and another $500 check to the charity of Uriah’s choice, L & C Search and Rescue.

2013 Firefighter of the Year!

October 17, 2013


We were guests of the Fire Department for lunch and Fire Chief Sean Logan welcomed us for the presentation of the Firefighter of the Year. This year the Award went to Fire Marshall Craig Trapp. Sean spoke of Craig’s dedication to Fire Prevention which can be a tough job at times. The Fire Station welcomed over 800 students last week during Fire Prevention Week. The Club presented the Fire Department with a $400 check to be used for fire prevention education and a $400 check to the Donation Fund at the Station for their Smoke Alarm Program as Craig’s charity of choice. Congratulations!

2011 Officer of the Year!

November 19, 2011


Congratulations to Officer Keltner for being selected as Officer of the Year by the Helena Exchange Club! Officer Keltner has volunteered for the Boy Scouts! Thanks to Officer Keltner for his many years of service to the Helena community! And thanks to reporter Melissa Anderson for this outstanding report!