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The Exchange Club of Helena

Guidelines: The Helena Exchange Club will consider the following statements in awarding grants.

There are two grant forms for Normal grant requests and Large grant requests. Download the grant application that conforms to your request.

For requests between $100.00 through $500.00 -->

Normal grant funding

For projects over $500.00 which will be awarded only one time that do not require our continual funding -->

Large grant funding

  1. Grants usually will only be given to recognized non-profit organizations, or individuals deemed to be in need of our help.
  2. Priority will be given to those most in need and/or youth oriented.
  3. Other factors influencing our decision will be:
    1. Purpose and need.
    2. Number and age group of people to be helped.
    3. Procedure and accountability to be followed.
    4. Has the Grantee received Helena Exchange Club grant funds previously (within the last 3 years)?
    5. Is the Helena Exchange Club the only contributor to this project? If not, how is the balance being raised?
    6. How will the organization report back to the Helena Exchange Club on the project
  4. Please return the completed form to:

    Helena Exchange Club,
    Attn: President
    PO BOX 1054
    Helena, MT. 59624
    or send an email to

The Helena Exchange Club may request more information in order to make funding decisions.
Requests will be acted upon by the Helena Exchange Club within 30 to 60 days.