Community service committies

Community service is the lifeline of Exchange. Exchange clubs across the country spend countless hours and dollars improving communities each year. Unlike our projects in other areas of our program of service (Americanism, Youth, and the Prevention of Child Abuse) the following projects are broader in scope and are designed to benefit every community member.

Captains: Abby St. Lawrence, Becky Beaner, Linda Streets, Nathan Stroman, PJ McHugh, Sheridan Jones, Steve Fawcett, Michelle Smetana.

Co-Captains:. Greg Snortland, Dan Prebil, John Steinhoff, Mike Miller, Collette Holstine, Steve Miles (honorary) Justin Heaton, David Hemmer, Mark Johnston, Bob Kimball



The Blue & Gold Wounded in Service Award was conceived as an effort to properly pay the highest possible tribute to law enforcement officers who, in the line of duty, have paid so severe and, in some cases, the ultimate price to serve and protect their citizens. Hopefully, this award won’t have to be made, but on the occasions which warrant it, it is the Clubs role to further enhance the public’s level of respect, admiration and appreciation for the sacrifices which law enforcement officers and firefighters make in the line of duty.
Dates: As needed


The Book of Golden Deeds is widely and enthusiastically sponsored by local Exchange Clubs as a recurring activity. This exclusive Exchange Club project affords the opportunity to bestow deserved tribute upon the heroes and heroines of everyday life whose sacrifice, toil and achievements too often pass unrecognized and unsung. The committee will organize a program and select a very special person to be honored at a club meeting with the entire membership present. Community leaders press and news personnel should be invited guests.
Dates: May or June


Crime in one of the most disturbing internal problems confronting American’s today. The committee’s responsibility is to plan and carry out the annual Police Officer of the Year Award. In addition, close cooperation with Lewis & Clark County Crime stoppers is encouraged throughout the year.
Dates: October


The National Exchange Club believes that a program to educate the public in basic rules of fire prevention can greatly reduce devastating and costly fires in the nation. The committee is responsible to contact the fire departments and schools (Helena, East Helena, Montana City, Kessler, and Clancy) for distribution of materials that may be made available for grade school students, during Fire Prevention Week in October. In addition, the committee should identify other ways for our Club to become involved in the fire prevention effort in the future years.
Dates: October, Fire prevention week