Promoting pride country, respect for the flag, and appreciation of our freedoms are the primary purposes of Exchange’s Americanism Projects

Captains: , Heather Patzer, John Steinhoff, Renee Hawkins, Marshall Price, Ryan Screnar

Co-Captains: Adam Lawson, Tanner Woodward, Bill Northey, Tyler Armstrong, Tod Fitterer, Pat Call, Kelly Wiley



The Freedom Shrine is the perfect means of bringing the inspirational message of our American Heritage to the youth of our Nation. These collections of the most cherished documents in American history, are beautifully frames and laminated, and are on display in several schools and public buildings as gifts of our club. The responsibility of the committee is to arrange for presentation or rededication of a Freedom Shrine during May. This includes making all contacts, program arrangement and publicity releases. The committee should also explore the possibility of a corporate sponsor or co-sponsor for the financial costs of the Freedom Shrine.
Dates: All Year


Project Give a Kid a Flag to Wave (usually spelled “Giveakidaflagtowave”) is an easily implemented and effective program designed to cultivate a deeper sense of patriotism and respect of the American Flag among our nation’s children. The key to this program is as simple as its name suggests... providing children with the symbol of our national unity- the American Flag! The committee is responsible for distributing small American flags to children at appropriately selected events throughout the year. Volunteers to distribute flags will be requested from the club membership if needed.
Dates: Stampede, Carroll Football


Milestones of Freedom provides Exchange club with an opportunity to focus public attention on the Freedom Shrine Programs and on Exchanges continuing emphasis on American Citizenship. This program provides an incentive for middle-school students to examine the documents. The sole purpose of this program is to broaden the young student’s appreciation and understanding of America's most important precepts and their significance in our history.
Dates: All Year

ONE NATION UNDER GOD (Done through other local organization)

The "One Nation Under God" committee is responsible for making presentations in area schools on the history of the flag, the President of the United States and the Pledge of Allegiance. The goal of this committee is to impart knowledge of our nation’s patriotic and democratic heritage.
Dates: All Year


“Proudly We Hail” is a program that encourages display of the American Flag by individuals, commercial establishments, industries and other entities by ceremoniously honoring them through the presentation of a handsome “Proudly We Hail: plaque. This easy to execute program is an ongoing effort that promotes American Citizenship and community recognition of Exchange. The committee will select recipients for the award and present one award a month for a total of six months. The committee is also responsible for arranging that the recipients attend club meetings to receive their awards.
Dates: 6 total during the year